Are your outdoor areas ready for change of season?

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As we move into the Autumn months, the cooler conditions sometimes prevent us from getting into our garden or outdoor areas. With the warmer days numbered, now is the time to start preparing your outdoor furniture, garden paths, decks and patios for the winter hibernation. We’re going to give you some tips on how to care, not only for your outdoor areas but also your Gerni High Pressure Washer.

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Decks & Patios

Our decks and patio areas are the common area for any get together with family and friends, so it is important with Autumn around the corner that we maintain our decking areas. Patio Cleaners are the quickest and most efficient way to clean small to large sized outdoor areas. Under the splash proof hood sits a rotating arm with nozzles, powered by high pressure water from your machine, to spin at a high velocity to clean and remove stubborn dirt and grime left from fallen leaves. Check out the full range of Gerni Patio Cleaners to ensure you get the right one to suit your lifestyle.

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Outdoor Furniture & Kids Toys

Garden furniture is often left out year-round, exposed to all of the outdoor elements. When cleaning with your Gerni High Pressure Washer, be sure to use the Variable Spray Nozzle, which gives you control to regulate the spray and pressure coming from the tip of the nozzle. It’s always best to begin cleaning your outdoor furniture with wide fan spray, which will still make light work of removing any dirt or grime on your furniture without harming it in any way.

Paths & Walls

Similar to our decks and patio areas, the path up to your front door is a high traffic area and walkway to enter your home. To maximise your street appeal, easily maintain your garden paths with your Gerni for a quick refresh. Pressure washing your pathway or brick walls can be the most satisfying area to clean in your home. Watch the dirt being blasted away with each pass of the powerful Jet Spray Nozzle. The nozzle here produces a jet-like spray from the ball-bearing inside the nozzle spinning at high velocity from the pressure of water passing through.

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Maintaining Your Gerni

Once all of your weekend duties are complete it is important to store your Gerni away properly to persevere the life of your machine. If you’re not using your Gerni for an extended amount of time (more than 6 months) we recommend turning your Gerni on every 4-6 weeks to run some water through the motor, handle & lances. Your Gerni motor is similar to a car where all the moving parts need to be lubricated. By turning it on every 4-6 weeks you can prolong the life of your Gerni High Pressure Washer.

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