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Gerni’s G-Connect accessory system has over 20 available accessories to choose from! This can be a little overwhelming if you’re new to the range. Every accessory has an application it is perfectly suited for and we’re here to help you choose the right accessory that will make your D.I.Y task easier and more efficient – leaving you more time for the things that matter.

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G-Connect Nozzles

Jet Spray Nozzle – Produces a jet-like spray nozzle with high impact rotating jet that covers a large area and is more than 50% more efficient in removing tough, ingrained dirt.

Variable Spray Nozzle – Adjustable spray fan that can vary between a powerful, focused jet and wide spray. This nozzle can be rotated between 0-15° to adjust the water fan.

Under Chassis Nozzle – An angled nozzle used to clean inaccessible areas easily and efficiently. This one is perfect for cleaning the under-body parts of cars, boats and caravans.

Auto Nozzle – Ideal for motorcycles and bicycles, the Gerni Auto Nozzle gently cleans painted surfaces. Featuring a 60° fan jet and the easy to use G-Connect accessory system. It’s suitable for use with all Gerni High Pressure models.

G-Connect Hoses

8m Replacement Hose – This hose is suitable as a replacement for existing Gerni High Pressure Washer hoses and can be used with all Gerni models with a pressure rating up to 2175psi.

7m Extension Hose – Connect between your spray handle and high pressure hose for increased range on the task at hand. Perfect for when you need some extra reach around large vehicles or boats. This hose has a quick coupling fitting at one end to easily secure on your existing hose for the added length required, while the other end connector will click into your spray handle.

15m Drain & Tube Cleaner – A long, 15m of narrow and heavy-duty hose that connects to your spray handle that is ideal for clearing debris from blocked pipes and drains making it perfect for downpipes, drains and house guttering.

G-Connect Brushes

Auto Brush – Perfect for use with all Gerni High Pressure Washer models, the Auto Brush features soft, split bristles designed for gentle cleaning. The fitted squeegee provides perfect results on automotive and household glass and it is easy to use – simply click onto your Gerni with the G-Connect fitment!

Rotary Brush – Soft bristles on a rotating brush head with a long reach handle. This accessory is effective in cleaning hard to reach areas. The soft bristles rotate providing a gentle clean on painted surfaces, perfect for vehicles, boats, caravans and windows.

Rotary Detergent Brush – On-board detergent tank with soft bristles that rotate while brushing for a gentle clean on painted surfaces. Ideal for cleaning of vehicles, boats & caravans.

Find the full range of G-Connect accessories available at your local Bunnings.

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