Click in with Gerni’s G-Connect System

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G-Connect system makes it even easier for you to find the right accessory for your next project. With Gerni’s large range of compatible accessories, you can match any Gerni Pressure Washer with a G-Connect accessory. Simply twist or click to be ready to get the job done.

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The full range

Gerni’s G-Connect has over 20 accessories to choose from – whether it be a Classic Patio Cleaner to clean the deck or a Rotary Detergent Brush to give your pride & joy a much deserved wash!

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What if my pressure washer is older?

Our unique G-Connect system allows all D.I.Y’ers that own a Gerni Pressure Washer, whether it be old or new, to connect to any accessory they need to get their project complete. Please check out our compatibility matrix that provides you with the perfect pairing between the accessories that best suit your Gerni (here).

Search for your next G-Connect pairing partner on the product pages at Gerni.com.au or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse store to find out more.

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