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Part of the G-Connect system, Gerni Soap and Foam Sprayers click onto the end of your lance allowing for use of a wide variety of cleaning detergents and chemicals with your Gerni Pressure Washer. As the fitment of this accessory is external to the motor, there’s no detergent passing through the pump motor. Prolonging the life of your Gerni pump and saving it from potential corrosion.

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There are two Gerni Soap Sprayers available in our range:

The standard Foam Sprayer is perfect for covering your car, boat and caravan in foam ready for cleaning.

The Super Foam Sprayer quickly and efficiently cover surfaces with a rich long-lasting foam. With an adjustable detergent regulator saving you up to 30% of your detergent compared to the standard Foam Sprayer. It’s best suited to removing heavy dirt and grime on large vehicles and outdoor areas such as decking, pathways and brickwork.

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Pair the Foam Sprayer with our Multi Wash Detergent for superior cleaning power whilst being gentle on painted surfaces. Ideal for cars, motorbikes, caravans, boats, dirt bikes and motorhomes. Or our All Purpose Detergent to penetrate and lift heavy grime and oil. Suitable for a wide variety of outdoor cleaning tasks around the home and garden.


Both Soap Sprayers feature Gerni’s G-Connect accessory fitment to pair with any Gerni Pressure Washer. There’s a large range of other compatible accessories within the G-Connect system, you can connect the perfect pairing accessory with a simple twist or click.

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