G-Connect Nozzle Blueprint

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your Gerni, it’s good to know the functions of our different G-Connect nozzle accessories. This article is a quick blueprint to our four different nozzles and how they can help you Gerni! Keep reading to see which one is right for your home and garden!

Auto Nozzle

First up, the Gerni Auto Nozzle is a great accessory for gently cleaning painted surfaces with a 60° fan jet of pressurised water. Suitable for all Gerni pressure washer models with a pressure rating up to 2320PSI, this nozzle is perfect for cleaning cars and motorcycles.

Jet Spray Nozzle

This nozzle features a high impact rotating jet that covers a larger area. It’s a great accessory if you need to Gerni your driveway or pavement and get rid of any ingrained dirt.

Fun fact: The Jet Spray Nozzle is up to 50% more efficient in removing ingrained dirt.

Variable Spray Nozzle

Our Variable Spray Nozzle is built with an adjustable spray fan that can vary between a powerful jet and wide spray.

Pair this with Gerni machines with a pressure rating up to 2320PSI. This nozzle can be rotated between 0-15° to adjust the water from a powerful jet to a wide spray.

Under Chassis Nozzle

Finally, our Under Chassis Nozzle is an angled nozzle used to Gerni inaccessible areas easily and efficiently.

Useful for cleaning the under-body parts of cars, boats and caravans, this accessory features an angled nozzle to get into those inaccessible areas.

The G-Connect system connects the nozzle with a simple twist or click – so you don’t have to wait to Gerni!

You’re ready to Gerni!

Click in with Gerni’s large range of G-Connect accessories! Connect the required accessory with a simple twist or click.

Find all of our G-Connect accessories at your local Bunnings Warehouse!

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