How to become a Gerni Pro!

There is plenty to learn about pressure washers to make sure you are using it to its fullest potential! From PSI rating to the different types of pumps and accessories – read on to become a Gerni Pro!

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How much PSI do I need?

PSI stands for pounds per square inch, and this indicates how much pressure is being applied on the surface you are pressure washing. Our Gerni’s have a PSI ranging from 1670 to 2320PSI.
The higher the PSI, the more tough dirt, grime and mould you will be able to lift! Be sure to check that the PSI isn’t too high for surfaces that require more gentle cleaning.

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What is the flow-rate, and should I consider this when choosing my Gerni?

The flow rate refers to how many litres of water is expelled within a period of time (generally calculated litres per minute). At Gerni, we refer to this as the Max. Water Flow. Our Gerni 3000 has a max. water flow of 5.2 litres per minute. Essentially the higher water flow, the less time you’re going to spend going over the same surface, and the quicker you’ll get the job done!

Now, 5.2 litres per minute might seem like a lot of water being used but believe it or not, using a pressure washer is saving you a bucket load of water. An average household garden tap in Australia uses between 20-22 litres per minute, which in comparison gives you an even greater excuse to Gerni anything & everything around your home.

Does the type of pump matter?

It is important to choose the type of pump according to how you intend to use your pressure washer. There are composite, brass and aluminium pumps that are most common for different pressure washers.

All Gerni models are built to last and for regular use around your home. This is why we use aluminium pumps!

The benefits in buying a pressure washer that has a metal or aluminium pump is that compared to plastic pumps, they can withstand higher working temperatures for longer periods of time, meaning you can get those bigger jobs done around the home. Metal or aluminium pumps are also harder wearing and more durable giving you the confidence in buying Gerni that’s built to last.

Can I just use the same accessory to clean everything?

Different accessories will help achieve different results. Our wide range of G-Connect accessories will help you make the most of your Gerni.

  • Our Power Patio Cleaner is designed for cleaning patios and decking, with a huge 400mm diameter hood & rotating nozzles penetrating that tough dirt & grime away.

  • Rotary Hand Brushes are great tools for cleaning cars and garden furniture.

  • Foam Sprayers can be used for extra cleaning power, perfect for putting your favourite cleaning detergent/chemical in for more coverage, quicker!

  • Extension Hoses can be super useful if you need to cover large areas and for cleaning things that are harder to reach. It is so simple to use with a quick click into your existing high pressure hose, you now have an extra 7m of reach. Check out our 7m Extension Hose

  • Water Filters are important, this prevents particles & dirt from entering your machine. If you live in an area of Australia that is known for ‘Dirty’ mains water you should consider using the Gerni water filter, it will prolong the life of your machine.

You’re ready to Gerni!

Now you can Gerni your home with confidence! You can find the entire range of Gerni products and G-Connect accessories at your local Bunnings Warehouse! And don’t forget to tag us with your Gerni on Facebook and Instagram!

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