Which Gerni will suit my lifestyle?

We understand how difficult and sometimes daunting it can be looking through all the different options of high pressure washers and finding the right one to suit your lifestyle. We have been compiling some of the most asked questions by real customers. Everyone has different needs & applications required around their home, we hope you can relate to some of questions below & take note of our recommendations to make an informed decision for YOU & your lifestyle! 

If you have been looking at our range of High Pressure Washers and not sure which one would suit your needs the best, keep reading!

We will talk you through each of our Gerni High Pressure Washers to help you find the best Gerni for your Home.

“I only need a Gerni for around the home – mainly paths and windows, nothing too big. I don’t think I need the biggest one since I won’t be doing too much work. Thanks!”

If you are only using the Gerni for casual use around the home, we recommend the Gerni 3600! This model has plenty of different accessories including 4 different nozzles that will help you clean the car, paths & windows. It also has a Patio Cleaner which will make it easier when cleaning those footpaths.

Also included is 6m high pressure hose along with a hose reel, making it easy to reach all areas of your property & easily stored away once finished with the hose wound up & accessories neatly placed in their holders on the machine.

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“What would be the right model for washing my car?”

For casual use for washing your car or bikes we suggest our entry models from the Gerni 3000 that includes a patio cleaner which is great for your driveway or the Gerni 3300 which has that little bit more grunt to get you through a more thorough clean. Paired with our Gerni Multi Wash Detergent which is formulated to remove the grease & grime but also protect your paintwork all at the same time.

Quick Tip – We have added an easy-to-read application panel on the front of our packaging, giving you a guide to which machine will suit your job. If it’s a smaller car then we recommend 3000 series machines, if it’s a bigger car like a 4WD then we recommend the bigger, more powerful Gerni 7000 series machines.

“I need to wash my cars and minivans on a regular basis as well as my decking, I want to make sure I have good pressure and the machine will last a long time since I will be using it a lot”

Because you mentioned cleaning a deck, all Gerni’s from model 3600 include a Patio Cleaner which will be perfect for that application. The wide Patio Cleaning head makes fast work of cleaning large surface areas. Due to some of the applications & frequency of use you have mentioned we would recommend Gerni 5300 & above as these machines have a brushless motor which can withstand longer working periods especially for some of the bigger jobs. The higher in range you get, the more power you will receive. Gerni has the machine to suit any lifestyle.

“I go camping and 4WD pretty often, so my car gets super muddy and dirty. There are heaps of accessories – which Gerni would be the best to get everything off and clean again?”

Our top of the range Gerni 7300 model is packed with value & the grunt behind it to make this model the perfect suit for your applications. Providing a powerful 2300W brushless motor that has a max psi rating of 2320 this machine is a workhorse & can tackle any application you throw at it. With the added value accessories included like the Auto brush, coupled with Auto nozzle making light work of cleaning your car, boat or caravan.

We’ve made a feature of explaining some of the options on all Gerni Pressure Washer packaging by highlighting recommended applications that this Gerni should be used for. Check out the Applications Guide in our video below to help you chose which Gerni pressure washer will suit your job.

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