Choosing the right Gerni Pressure Washer for you

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The Gerni Range

With a full range to choose from, we understand that choosing the right Pressure Washer for you could be quite daunting which is why we’ve made a feature of explaining some of the options on all Gerni Pressure Washer packaging.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what applications do you intend on using your Gerni Pressure Washer for? This could be for cleaning a small hatchback car or a large decking area out in my alfresco.

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Which category suits your needs?

This application guide is designed into 3 size categories small, medium, and large and with each Gerni machine this can vary whether it be by pressure output (Psi) or included accessories. We have made this easy to identify on the Gerni packaging by highlighting recommended applications that this Gerni should be used for, so please use this guide to help you chose which Gerni pressure washer will suit your job.

Feature Icons - Small Category Applications

Small Category Applications

Small vehicles, small paths, garden equipment

Feature Icons - Medium Category Applications

Medium Category Applications

Mid-size car (Sedan), Jet Ski or boat, Outdoor furniture

Feature Icons - Large Category Applications

Large Category Applications

4WD, caravan, large area patio

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Compare our range?

We’ve compliled all the necessary info for you to choose the right pressure washer for you, all in a single document.

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• Or download the A4 Printable Version Here

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