Winter Maintenance – Drain & Tube Cleaner

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Winter months generally bring more rainfall, which if you haven’t prepared your home drainage systems, can result in flooding. Flooded drains can be the result of several factors, but the main issue is typically that a blockage has occurred. This could be due to dirt or debris build up. Regardless of why, Gerni has the solution – the Gerni Drain and Tube Cleaner!

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G-Connect Drain and Tube Cleaner

Gerni’s Drain and Tube Cleaner is the perfect product to have hanging around in your shed for the occasional household water emergency. With a narrow, heavy duty 15-metre hose, this accessory is ideal for clearing debris from blocked drains, gutters, or pipes. With an oscillating agitator nozzle in conjunction to the high-pressure power from your Gerni, you can free up your drain and clear unwanted flood water.

Inside and Outside Applications

Gerni’s Drain and Tube Cleaner can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. This cleaner connects to your Gerni Spray Handle that can clear blockages in your bathroom rains or clear debris from blocked downpipes. With a simple twist and click, our unique G-Connect Accessory is suitable to use with all Gerni machines with a pressure rating of up to 2175psi.

Quick Tip: For added safety, make sure the red line marker 30cm from the nozzle tip is submerged into the drain or pipe you’re clearing. This ensures the pressure in the hose will not recoil out of the drain and back on the user.

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Simple Twist & Click G-Connect Accessory

Gerni’s G-Connect system allows for a simple ‘twist & click’ into your spray handle & you are ready to use. Please note – that the Drain & Tube Cleaner is suitable for machines with a pressure rating up to 2175psi, so please make sure to check your machine rating before use.

Find the full range of G-Connect accessories available at your local Bunnings.

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