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Revive and refresh your outdoor areas in time for Summer entertaining with Gerni! Walt & Dani from Healthy Homes TV Australia head out to a gorgeous mud brick home in the hills to help homeowner Julie make quick work of washing away dirt, grime and moss after a wet Winter. Watch just how easy it is to take the time and effort out or cleaning and check out Gerni in action here:

Find our Gerni Spring cleaning heroes available at your local Bunnings Warehouse for a limited time:

Gerni 4000 High Pressure Washer

Jump into Spring and Summer cleaning with the Gerni 4000. This 1600W 2030PSI pressure washer is built tough with an aluminium pump, hose reel & 7 accessories to help clean up around your home.

Gerni 2.5L Detergents

Add these to your Foam Sprayer to quick work of cleaning around the home!
2.5L Exterior House Wash – Perfect for external surfaced around the home.
2.5L Vehicle Wash – Bring back the sparkling shine to cars, bikes, boats, marine and industrial machinery.
2.5L Concrete & Stone Cleaner – A versatile degreaser for cleaning concrete, marble, stone, outdoor furniture and painted surfaces.
2.5L Glass Cleaner – For a streak-free finish on windows and glass surfaces.

Gerni Auto Care Kit

Add the ultimate car kit with the 4 Piece Auto Care Kit. This kit includes 4 accessories that are perfect for the car lover, included;

Super Foam Sprayer – combine this sprayer with the Vehicle wash for the ultimate sudsy experience for your car.

Auto Brush – After the car is all soapy it’s time to scrub off all the built-up dirt & grime of the car

Auto Nozzle – Once the car is scrubbed it’s time to rinse down with the auto nozzle providing a nice wide 60° fan cleaning off the suds in no time.

Underchassis nozzle – It’s rare the underbody of your car gets a wash too, but with this 90° angled nozzle giving you the reach to get under your car without bending over is perfect.

Find the entire Gerni range at your local Bunnings Warehouse Australia or online now!

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