Surprise your Dad with a Gerni this Father’s Day!

Treat Dad to the express care kit for his car, boat or home with the Gerni 4000 High Pressure Washer and the wide range of G-Connect accessories to suit his lifestyle. It’s the perfect time to gift a Gerni as this kit is available as a limited edition while stocks last at your local Bunnings around Australia right now.

Fully equipped with a 1600-Watt motor, long life aluminium pump and a 6-metre hose with a handy reel, you can clean anything from outdoor furniture to caravans and trailers!

You’ll find six G-Connect accessories including a Super Foam Sprayer, Rotary Detergent Brush, and several Nozzles to suit any application – simply twist or click to get the job done. Let’s have a quick look at the accessories in this kit:

Super Foam Sprayer

The Super Foam Sprayer takes all types of cleaning detergents & chemicals with an external fitment means no harsh chemicals pass through your Gerni, prolonging its life. This accessory saves up to 30% of detergent compared to our standard Gerni Foam Sprayer with an extra 40% more coverage.

Under Chassis Nozzle

Use the 90° angled Under Chassis Nozzle to clean inaccessible areas easily and efficiently.

GACC-AN Auto Nozzle

The Auto Nozzle is different to the other Gerni accessories because it gently cleans painted surfaces with a 60° fan jet.

Rotary Detergent Brush

Featuring an on-board detergent tank and soft bristles that rotate while cleaning ensure it’s gentle on painted surfaces and is ideal for cleaning vehicles, boats & caravans.

With over 20+ accessories to choose from, Gerni’s range of G-Connect accessories can get your started with a simple twist or click.

Gift a Gerni this Father’s Day! Find the Gerni 4000 High Pressure Washer Kit at your local Bunnings Warehouse while stocks last.

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