Prepare your home for the winter months with Gerni

By doing a little maintenance over the winter period you can save yourself the hassle of completing the whole process again from scratch when the seasons change.

Cleaning outdoor furniture

It’s always a good idea to store your furniture in a dry place during the cold and wet months! This saves you from ruining your outdoor furniture if left outside in the harsh weather for long periods of time.

Before storing your furniture, Gerni away any dust, spiderwebs or dirt so it is fresh and ready for next season.

A great accessory for this is the Variable Spray Nozzle for furniture because it can vary between a powerful jet and a wide spray – depending on what you need.

Cleaning pathways of debris and leaves

In winter, paths, walls, and other surfaces can become slippery or covered in mildew, moss, and mould. With our Gerni accessories, you can easily clear away any mess for a fresh start in the colder months.

The Classic Patio Cleaner is the perfect all-rounder large surface areas such as pathways, driveways, and patios! Simply twist and click into your Gerni and the rest is done for you!

Also, the Gerni paired with our Rotary Brush accessory is great for cleaning your windows all year round to clear away any dirt and dust and keep them clean all year long.

Cleaning your gutters

A blocked or overflowing gutter can cause plenty of problems including a build-up of mildew, mould, and debris. Flushing out your gutters on a seasonal basis will give you that peace of mind when the rain comes!

The Gerni 3600 comes with all the below accessories:

Gerni can be used all year round, to make sure you home and garden can stay in the best shape possible.

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