Power Duo: The Gerni 3000 with the G-Connect Patio Cleaner

The Gerni 3000 is the perfect all-rounder high pressure washer from a beginner to a pro! With innovative and effective accessories such as the G-Connect Patio Cleaner, you can Gerni all around your home!

This model features a 1670psi rating providing great performance and endurance with an aluminium pump. Aluminium pumps are harder wearing than pumps with plastic components – to ensure your Gerni will last any season of the year!

Accessories included are the Fixed Fan Spray Nozzle. This Nozzle has a 15° fan shaped spray that can be used for everyday general cleaning and a Compact Jet Spray Nozzle with high impact rotating jet that covers a larger area and is up to 50% more efficient in removing ingrained dirt.

This model also features the popular Classic Patio Cleaner that cleans brick, cement, stone and timber with ease.

Feature Icon - Classic Patio Cleaner - For Patio Cleaning

The Classic Patio Cleaner can be used with any Gerni models up to 1885psi – making it the perfect versatile accessory!

By using this large brush, you are able to Gerni up to 4 times faster than a standard nozzle, and it’s perfect for cleaning surfaces such as patios, driveways, and paths with no splashback!

Using a Patio Cleaner is a less time consuming and less labour intensive as the pressure power of your Gerni blasts the dirt and grime way – the hard work is done for you!

The Gerni 3000 paired with the Classic Patio Cleaner means you can tackle any cleaning job around the home with ease! Find yours at your local Bunnings Warehouse online or in-store.

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