Same Gerni Quality. New Look.

Gerni’s got a fresh new look and it’s now even easier to find the right model to suit your needs. Here’s a rundown of some new features you’ll find on the packaging in store and on our website product pages:

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What you see is what you get.

We’ve made it even easier for when you are browsing the aisle at Bunnings looking to buy or upgrade to a Gerni. You’ll find a quick reference on the side of our packaging showing you what’s inside the box before you buy. As all of our Gerni’s now have this snapshot of the included accessories on the packaging, it makes it easier to choose between models and ensure you make the right choice for your next Gerni.

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What can your new Gerni do?

Check out the Applications panel on the front of the box! This shows you the range of applications this Gerni Pressure Washer is suited to, so when the packs are side by side in store you can quickly see which model suits your life.
We’ve also included some fresh application photos showing what the Gerni Pressure Washers can do!

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Same Gerni quality, new look & a warranty to back.

Gerni has two warranty structures for the Gerni Pressure Washers giving you reassurance that we stand behind the quality.

Your Gerni will either come with a 5-year or 7-year warranty upon extension depending on which Gerni you choose. Please make sure you look closely at warranty lengths in your user manual and instructions on how to register online via our Gerni website to ensure you apply the extended warranty (here).

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