Step-by-Step Guide to Washing your Car

Keeping your car washed regularly is a low cost way to protect value and maintain appearance. Contaminants such as dirt, pollen, tree sap, air pollutants and bugs can all damage the great looking finish and paint on your vehicle.

Check out our step-by-step guide to washing your car by pairing your Gerni with some of the G-Connect accessories to keep your car clean and pristine all year long!

Step 1 – Prep the paintwork

Be sure to prepare the paintwork before beginning to clean your car, it’s important to first rinse your vehicle with using one of our nozzle attachments such as the Auto Nozzle or the Variable Spray Nozzle to remove dirt/dust sitting on the surface. This will prevent the potential of scratching dirt/dust may cause once you begin washing.

Auto Nozzle

  • Suitable for use with all Gerni machines with a pressure rating up to 2320 psi.
  • Gentle on painted surfaces
  • G-Connect accessory

The G-Connect Auto Nozzle will gently clean painted surfaces with a 60° fan jet of pressurised water – providing a wider coverage and is less harmful to your paint.

Step 2 – Foam it up!

Now that the car is prepped, you can fill your Foam Sprayer or  Super Foam Sprayer with our Multi Wash Detergent! After filling the bottle, connect the sprayer to the end of your lance & begin lathering up your car. The Foam Sprayer provides a soapy coverage combined with our detergent; the ingredients will begin to dissolve any grime residue on your vehicle.

Gerni Detergent - Multi Wash - GCW-5L

Multi Wash Detergent (Car Wash) – 5 Litres

  • Simply spray on and hose off
  • Ideal for cleaning vehicles of all types
  • Gentle on painted surfaces
  • High concentration, use 1 part to 10 parts water.

You can use this super cleaning product to remove mud and grime from cars, motorbikes, 4x4s and caravan to even boats and trailers! You don’t need to worry about the detergent stripping your paint or wax as our gentle formula is PH neutral & ideal for painted surfaces.

Super Foam Sprayer

  • Suitable for use with all Gerni machines with a pressure rating up to 2320 psi.
  • Adjustable detergent regulator
  • G-Connect accessory fitment
  • No chemicals pass through the pump

What’s really great about this foam sprayer is that you can use any type of cleaning detergents and chemicals, and no chemicals will pass through the pump. This means that the external fitment of the Foam Sprayer prolongs the life of your Gerni pump and prevents the risk of potential corrosion.

Step 3 – Wash it away

With your car nice and soapy, you can swap the Foam Sprayer for one of our brushes such as the Auto brush, designed with soft bristles & integrated spray nozzle this will make light work of cleaning your vehicle.

Feature Icon - Gerni 7300 - Auto Brush

Auto Brush

  • Suitable for use with all Gerni machines with a pressure rating up to 2320 psi.
  • Fitted squeegee
  • Gentle brush on painted surfaces
  • G-Connect accessory fitment

Perfect with all Gerni High Pressure Washer models, the soft split bristles are specifically designed for gently cleaning, while the swivel connection and integrated nozzle provides easy professional results! With Gerni’s large range of accessories featuring the quick and easy G-Connect system, you can connect the required accessory with a simple twist or click.

Under Chassis Nozzle

  • Suitable for use with all Gerni machines with a pressure rating up to 2320 psi.
  • Angled Nozzle
  • G-Connect accessory fitment

This is a great accessory for your Gerni to make sure your car is clean in all the places you can’t see! The angled nozzle is used to clean inaccessible areas easily and efficiently. This makes the perfect accessory for cleaning the under-body part of your car.

Step 4 – Rinse time!

Once finished with your brush, it’s time to rinse away all the soap & reveal your squeaky clean car. Quick tip – Always start from top to bottom when rinsing away your soapy suds off your car, this is much more effective.

Step 5 – All done!

To make sure your car it spot-free, we recommend you use a good quality chamois or high quality microfibre cloth to dry clean & watch your pride & joy sparkle again. It’s a great to add some protective wax or polish so your car really shines and it’s easier to clean next time.

You can find the entire range of Gerni products at your local Bunnings Warehouse!

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